I have a GeoTIFF served via a GeoServer WMS service and referenced in the EPSG:404000 CRS (Wildcard 2D cartesian plane in metric unit).

I would like to display the tiles in my Leaflet client and keep its original Cartesian coordinates.

I know that I need to use the Proj4Leaflet plugin to use system that are not natively supported by Leaflet.

But the problem is that EPSG:404000 seems to have no Proj4 definition.

How can I specify Proj4Leaflet to use this spatial reference?

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    But the problem is that EPSG:404000 seems to have no Proj4 definition. That's correct, it has no definition, see the gis.stackexchange.com/tags/epsg-40400/info wiki for info. If it's your geoserver service you should configure the native projection for the GeoTIFF – nmtoken May 21 at 9:53
  • 404000 is a sure sign something is wrong with your data source. – Ian Turton May 21 at 10:02
  • It is 404000 since my Geotiff is made of non geographical coordinates that represent indoor objects. So I don't specify any CRS when I build my raster with PDAL. But is there a CRS (Proj4 supported) that handle a metric cartesian representation which I can use to build my raster? – MTovmassian May 21 at 10:32
  • For cartesian coordinates you do not need Proj4, Leaflet has built in CRS for that: L.CRS.Simple. – TomazicM May 23 at 18:35
  • Yes that's what I figured out but you need to extend L.CRS.Simple in order to have Leaflet calling GeoServer with the good CRS label: const EPSG404000 = L.Util.extend({}, L.CRS.Simple, {code: 'EPSG:404000',}); – MTovmassian May 24 at 8:46

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