I'm using a QgsSingleSymbolRenderer to display various points and lines etc for a Line geometry.

I have a Single symbol symbology to display the last vertex as a: Line > Marker line > Marker > Simple marker which I'd like to colour according to one of the pre-defined colour ramps (e.g. Blues, with range between 0 - 100, based on an attribute value "count"), using PyQGIS.

I can do this manually in QGIS by opening the layer's properties and going to > Symbology > Line > Marker line > Marker > Simple marker where I can use the colour assistant to set the symbols fill colour based on the value of "count". Is it possible to do this using PyQGIS? A snippet of my current code looks something like:

# Define symbol layers
symbol_layers = QgsSymbol.defaultSymbol(vector_layer.geometryType())
symbol_layers.changeSymbolLayer(0, simple_line_symbol_layer)
symbol_layers.insertSymbolLayer(1, last_vertex_simple_marker_symbol_layer)

# Create renderer based on symbol layers, and apply to vector layer
renderer = QgsSingleSymbolRenderer(symbol_layers)

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Add sample code for lines and point layers

# Line Layer
layer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('rivers')[0]

renderer = QgsLineSymbol()

# F_CODE is the column name when I have hexadecimals colors
renderer.symbolLayers()[0].setDataDefinedProperty(QgsSymbolLayer.PropertyStrokeColor, QgsProperty.fromField("F_CODE") );


# Point Layer
layer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('airports')[0]

renderer = QgsMarkerSymbol()

# Use is the column name when I have hexadecimals colors
renderer.symbolLayers()[0].setDataDefinedProperty(QgsSymbolLayer.PropertyFillColor, QgsProperty.fromField("USE") );


Result Lines

enter image description here

Result Points

enter image description here

I hope this helps you

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