I have a set of points like this:

enter image description here]

I have only these points' information. Now I want to draw a boundary of this points whose size should be 1 hectare (100m x 100m). After that, I want to subdivide this area into 16 equal quadrats like this: Each side of subplots should be (25m x 25m).

enter image description here

How can I do this in ArcGIS Desktop?


One quick way would be to use the Grid Index Features tool to create a rectangle of the size you need and divide it into the quadrants you like.

Adjust the parameters polygon_width and polygon_height to match your need (1 hectare) and number_rows and number_columns as well (16). enter image description here

Of course then you'll need to move the resulting layer by hand with the traditional move and rotate tools in the editor toolbar, but this would be one good way to go IMO.

enter image description here

  • @ Umbe1987. Thank you so much. It is an amazing work! – 514143 May 22 at 16:57
  • @514143 You're very welcome, happy to have helped you. If my answer solved your problem, would you mind accepting it? – umbe1987 May 22 at 18:06

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