I would like to download some features in this website. Now I can download ".lyr" file through clicking the apostrophe in the "layer list" (e.g., here). However, the ".lyr" file cannot be exported as shapefile. There is even no such a botton (see the picture below). As a result, I cannot edit it. Fig.2


This information is published as an image service, similar to WMS specification, and is not mainly intended to use as a download service (a service similar to WFS, would serve this intend better).

But there is a workaround, at least in this case: you can ask the service to generate the result in JSON format with geometries, and then convert the result to SHAPEFILE, if you wish.

Example for Watersheds layer:

  1. Get the JSON result of all the geometries in the Watersheds layer (id: 5) using the URL https://mapsprod.sfwmd.gov/map_ssl/rest/services/AHED/AHED_Drainage_Areas/MapServer/5/query?where=1%3D1&outFields=*&returnGeometry=true&f=pjson
  2. Use a GIS software or an online service as Ogre to convert the JSON to Shapefile.

If you need to check further information on the service, as the layer list, the available capabilities or output formats, you can use the URL https://mapsprod.sfwmd.gov/map_ssl/rest/services/AHED/AHED_Drainage_Areas/MapServer?f=pjson


You wont be able to export data from these layers because they are map services and do not support exporting out into shp or gdb.

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