I am trying to create points at every X meters along a set of lines that represent a network. As suggested in QChainage doesn't place points evenly along dissolved lines I managed to this successfully with the help of Join Multiple Lines and QChainage plugins.

The problem is that the lines are not thought to be a continuous segment and therefore when running Join Multiple Lines I end up having extra lines to join truncated segments into a continuous one, and then QChainage counts the length of that when adding points. With this method I have points being too close or outside of the original lines, so it is not valid.

So a solution would involve considering all the line features as one, so then the chainage would place the points correctly. But I don't think this is fundamentally possible in GIS without adding extra lines to connect them all?

What's the right approach to this? Should I convert this into a network and perhaps run another tool? Is there any tool that can do that in a network based approach? I am happy to try python solutions too.

Original LinesAfter running Join Multiple Lines After running QChainage points on original lines

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    Have you had a look at points along lines in the toolbox? If so, how does it not suit your needs? – Erik May 22 '19 at 9:32
  • @Erik Yes this was one of the first tools to try. It did not work as expected and that's how I ended up doing some research and finding the post above, which suggested using additional plugins. – Albert May 23 '19 at 7:20

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