I have two neighboring GRIB-2 files. they cover several meteorological information layers like wind direction, wind speed, gusts speed, precipitation, etc. for a 3 days period.

Their internal structure is exactly the same concerning time frame, cell size, and orientation. I need a single GRIB-2 file that covers the total extent of both input files. they are non-overlapping but do not share the same X-min (i.e. they are arranged like Domino pieces).

Up to now, I've found a couple of articles about transforming GRIB into * but when it is about exporting into GRIB it's ending at gdal_translate.

If anyone has successfully exported meteorological data into GRIB with gdal_translate, is there a straightforward way without converting into an intermediate format and then re-exporting into the (pretty complex) structure of a GRIB-2?

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