I'm newish to SAR imagery. We have SAR imagery generated from an airborne SAR platform that we are sharing with partners. We have been feeding them geotiffs of the imagery in WGS84 and EPSG:3857 for display to customers. However, their scientist would like to receive the TIFF's georeferenced in an azimuth and slant range coordinate system. They do not want a north up orientation.

I have played around with referencing it in GDAL and QGIS trying to use a ECEF system but that just display properly. Is there a good coordinate system t use to produce the images in the reference frame that they're asking for?

When we receive the processed imagery back, it also comes with a JSON that contains

-signal power at zero pixel value

-signal power at max pixel value

-all four corner coordinates in WGS84 & height above elipsoid

-top left ecef coordinate

-row/column axes ecef coordinate

-row/column spacing

I looked around and I don't think this in neccesarily duplicate to questions I've read, including Do rasters other than "north up" exist in the wild?

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