I prepared a GTFS network dataset for Sydney following guidelines of Add GTFS to a Network Dataset tool.

I setup a multiprocessing python script which is working perfectly fine with 64-bit Python in my local computer.

Recently I got access to a powerful VM (Windows 10 Enterprise).

I installed GTFS tool on the VM and registered TransitEvalutor.dll for 64-bit geo processing.

But the GTFS data is giving me an IOError on the VM: "C:\Users\sahab\kitchen\30mincity\GTFS.gdb\SEP18\SEP18_ND" does not exist ---both for Python 32- and 64-bit. But it is working with Network Analyst tool.

Network Analyst Solve geoprocessing tool only is working when background geoprocessing is disabled.

Can you give a workaround to resolve this issue?

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