Two layers, one .shp and a NDVI image (from the MODIS, exported it in TIFF format from envi), have the same geographic coordinate system (GCS_WGS_1984), but they are not overlapping 100% in ArcGIS. The data frame in WGS 84, UTM Zone 36 N. As you can see, these layers are shifted relative to each other (a little bit).

enter image description here

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    This looks like a typical spatial data registration issue. The shapefile was generated from different data (some older imagery maybe). You are trying to compare 'apples and oranges'. – GBG May 22 at 15:47
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    Perhaps your vectordata is not WGS 84 but pulkovo, considering the town Dzhankoy is in Crimea. – Hans Erren May 25 at 22:44

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