I came across a PDF containing dozens of north arrows used in Esri's ArcGIS.

QGIS doesn't have many fascinating north arrows, to be candid.

I thought of creating SVG icons of these north arrows and uploading them online for QGIS users. It will also be useful for folks who use vector graphics software like Inkscape.

Is it legal and ethical for me to recreate these icons for QGIS?

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    Unless their license permits so, you should not do that. – bugmenot123 May 23 at 7:58
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    This is a legal question. It needs to be asked of a lawyer. – Vince May 23 at 11:53
  • I was going to say, Yes please! But I think the others are right about the license/copyright implications, unfortunately. – csk May 23 at 16:45
  • I don't know where ESRI got its arrows but these sites have similar if not the same and many more north arrows: shutterstock.com/search/north+arrow and thenounproject.com/term/north-arrow/283030 – johns Aug 5 at 12:43

I think the simple answer is no.

Unless directly stated in a license agreement and released to the public domain the north arrows would be under Esri copyright.

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