I have calculated Kernel Density for feature class "fc" using following code: dens = KernelDensity(fc,"NONE", 1, SearchRadius, "SQUARE_METERS", "DENSITIES", "PLANAR")

The raster attribute table:

enter image description here

I have then saved the raster as lyr file.

I can apply "Unique Values" in the symbology tab. However:

lyr.symbologyType Out[30]: u'OTHER'

How can i modify my raster, so that symbologyType = "UniqueValues"?

I am using: ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 Python 2.7, 32bit


I found a workaround: Convert raster to polygon, setting field "Value" as raster field. In the new polygon the field "GRIDCODE" now contains the unique values

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