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How to hilighted object on mouse hover or mouse click events in Geoserver css style? Like a css :hover selector. Is it possible? Maybe it is doing after WMS/WFS?

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No, it is not possible GeoServer's CSS is for styling the features in a WMS only, so the output is an image and there is no support for :hover.

  • How is it doing for GeoServer? – Cold Pol May 23 at 8:31
  • how is it doing what? – Ian Turton May 23 at 9:24
  • How is make hover event in Geoserver? Only with JS? – Cold Pol May 23 at 9:51
  • hover events are the clients problem not GeoServers – Ian Turton May 23 at 9:52
  • Ok! Thanks a lot! – Cold Pol May 23 at 9:54

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