Is there a R or Python solution that 1) checks the geometry validity of vectors and 2) outputs the results in form of a table (see table below). QGIS for example has a nice plugin that carries out several geometry checks. But how can I carry out these checks within a R or Python script?

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In R there is package cleangeo for geometry checking and celaning. You can use for example:

report <- clgeo_CollectionReport(spatial_object)

#returns a table:

            type valid    issue_type
1           <NA>  TRUE          <NA>
2 rgeos_validity FALSE GEOM_VALIDITY
3    rgeos_error FALSE ORPHANED_HOLE
1                                                                                       <NA>
2                                                                                       <NA>
3 rgeos_PolyCreateComment: orphaned hole, cannot find containing polygon for hole at index 7
1                                                                     <NA>
2 Ring Self-intersection at or near point -120.78997488 38.344996299999998


for summary you can do something like this:

NA's         :1 
  • I came along this package during my search but found it a bit limiting in comparison to the qgis plugin mentioned above. I feel that the qgis plugin allows me to check my geometries more thoroughly. Especially as I cannot seem to find duplicates, overlaps, minimum area polygons etc. What is your experience? – kalakaru May 25 '19 at 7:02
  • 2
    You could use RQGIS to call the QGIS plugin directly maybe? – TimSalabim May 25 '19 at 8:47

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