I have a series of several points in a csv, with each row being a different point, with information for various attributes, including the x and y coordinates, stored across the columns. I've been able to display these points in 3D with the Qgis2threejs plugin, using one of the columns in the csv as the elevation.

How would I go about creating a line which joins each of these points in order, and retains the elevation information for each of them (and preferably also the other attribute information)? I've tried using the 'points to path' tool in the processing toolbox, but this just returns a line which, whilst joining all the points, only has one row in its attribute table, listing the beginning and the end of the line, and loses all other information. If it would be easier I would be fine creating several separate lines, one joining each of the points, but there are 82 rows in the csv (ie 82 points), so I'd have to have a way to do this automatically. Ultimately I'm looking to have a line (or lines) joining the points in 3D, presumably also displayed using Qgis2threejs.

I'm running QGIS 3.4.4 on macOS.

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