I see that other people have mentioned losing track of the layers panel, and people have rightly pointed out that it can be restored by View > Panels > Layers.

But in my install on MacOS 10.14.3, the layers panel has disappeared entirely from the list.

I get two copies of the Browser panel, but none of the Layers panel

Same thing when I right click on the gray area above the browser. Layers panel doesn't exist.

Unless I'm missing something here – QGIS is * functionally unusable without the layers panel *. I tried

restarting qgis trashing the preferences restarting the machine reinstalling an earlier version (3.4) but no luck!

  • Could it be removed in settings / interface customization ? – JGH May 27 at 11:09
  • Yes, that was exactly it! Thank you so much! I went into that screen to try to make the icon options more like version 2 – where the default buttons were "add layer," which I use all the time, but in v3 they are "create layer." I must have deselected the layers panel there. There was a delay – effect must have been postponed until I restarted, so I didn't realize what a self-own I'd committed. Thanks! – mcgeoff May 28 at 3:48
  • Great! I will change the comment to an answer then – JGH May 28 at 11:03

You can customize the interface via the menu settings / interface customization. If you deselect a panel there, it will completely be removed: the panel itself and any reference from right click / menus.

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