I have kind of the same question as "greyline" : How to implement 3NF (third normal form) in ArcGIS attribute tables?

I need, among other things, to place foreign key in my tables to combine them and I don't know how to do it with ArcGIS. I tried at first with "New -> Relationship Class" but I didn't have control on my attributes to select properly and avoid redundant data (I don't know the equivalent of "distinct" in ArcGIS commands). I am now trying to create a model that could combine the tables, but I don't know how to specify that each row for my "Date-t" tab, has to be linked to a single proper table in my database?

My model's structure: enter image description here

"Make Table View" details: enter image description here

"Add join" details:

enter image description here

I am ready to change all the method if mine is wrong. I just cannot use the PostGIS since I don't have it.

The aim of this operation is to be able to fetch data from my tables using Python, but I think it's an other question.


I changed the method finally; I found out that relational databases are not the most adequate and appropriate solution on ArcGIS (in my case at least).
I created a large table combining the data of all my previous tables (with arcpy.Merge_management()) and added the dates with the arcpy.AddField_management(). It's much easier and it's feasible in one python script.

The fetch data, a simple arcpy.da.SearchCursor() does the trick !

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