So I have downloaded the file for Berlin from http://download.geofabrik.de/europe/germany.html and have extracted it to

And want to preprocess it for my usage and for that I want for every possible tile all data relevant for graphical output in single files.

What's the logic for extracting?
Is there a good open source software, except those using Java?
Is software usingt the .pbf files faster because of the file format better processable?

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    what's the target software or usage exactly? the .osm file is an XML family format, so technically you have everything right there... – ThingumaBob May 27 at 18:12
  • I just want/need to preprocess it to lower cpu use. I want to use it for some online application, and after like 2 decades with the same hosting company I know one thing for sure: If I try to use the full power that is promised in the contract - be it specs for databases, cpu power, connections, functionality - it won't work. Quite some people suggested to switch to an Amazon server, and I will do this one day, as at least they seem to deliver what they promise. – John May 27 at 18:21
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    Your question is too vague. What do you want to do exactly? What kind of output do you expect? There are plenty of software or solutions. Do you need a UI or does it need to run headless on a server? Do you expect to use diff files? How many kind of features do you plan to extract? A lot of questions can be raised. – etrimaille May 27 at 18:36
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  • As far as I know osmium-tool is currently the fastest tool for data processing / extraction. – scai May 28 at 6:35

With a geographers point of view I would skip the whole XML part and would only work with the PBF. Download it and put it into PostgreSQL with the spatial postgis extension.
To work interactively with the data in the PostGIS database I would recommend using QGIS and connect to the db from there. Then only the sky is the limit.
There are plenty of tutorials for QGIS.

  • Thank you for your answer. Basically it's exactly the answer I was looking for. (And it makes me happy to see my question wasn't too vague, if the only answer fits my expectation exactly.) – John May 29 at 1:05

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