I am trying to implement types and subtypes to a layer of points that is stored in PostgreSQL and I wonder if it is possible to use Value Related Widget of QGIS, in PostgreSQL?

I followed the procedure explained at https://www.northrivergeographic.com/archives/qgis-3-2-drive-down-lists-aka-value-relation-widget

It works with shapefiles and geopackage, but it does not work with tables that are stored in PostgreSQL.

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    When you say 'doesn't work' is there an error message? What happens when you try to use a Postgres table? Your question tile is all in capitals, some won't like that as it's seen as shouting, can you edit your question and change the title to proper case please. – Michael Stimson May 28 '19 at 0:52
  • When I use the widget with postgresql tables, the relationship is not performed, and in the subtype field it shows me all the values. It does not filter the subtypes by type. – Manuel Alejandro Morales Aceve May 28 '19 at 0:58

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