I am trying to create an effect like

enter image description here

Can view it by adding feature from fiddle in http://geojson.io/#map=14/46.9597/7.1446

when added the feature in mapbox as geojson layer of mapbox-gl I am getting the following output:

enter image description here

Fiddle for reference:https://jsfiddle.net/sanketg/24vzxcgo/

I am aware that according to mapbox v2 specification holes may cause problem in rendering pbf.

I have no idea regarding Geojson features.

What am I missing here?Is it that mapbox is not able to render the GeoJson feature neatly?

I am appending world bbox to polygon of GeoJson feature,to create the effect.Any other suggestions for better implementation are also welcome?

  • Found a solution for geometry with type polygon we need to add the outer polygon at the start of the geometry array. Stuck at Multipolygon feature type. – sanket ghenand May 28 at 6:45

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