I am learning to use Python scripts to automate tasks in my work. I am a beginner in Python and PyQGIS.

I would like to select entities in a layer using regexp_match. It works well in QGIS but I can't transpose it into the Python script.

Could someone tell me how to do it?

Here is my current code:

query = "regexp_match(\"COD\" ,'\d.\d\d')"
selshp = shp.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression(query))
shp.setSelectedFeatures([f.id() for f in selshp])

But no entities are selected while in QGIS I have 670 selected entities.


Try with this code :

query = "regexp_match(\"COD\", '\\\\d.\\\\d\\\\d')"
selshp = shp.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression(query))
shp.modifySelection([f.id() for f in selshp], [])
  • '\d' : normal regular expression for digits
  • '\\d' : this regular expression under QGIS
  • '\\\\d' : again under Python for escape special characters.
  • I made a mistake in the posted code, I wrote it like this '\\d' in the script but I haven't think to write it in Python language with escape char – Kinad May 28 at 13:55

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