I am a new user of ArcMap and started with setting up data and I am now happy with the symbology styling I have set up. My data includes a mix of inhouse geodatabases, WMS feeds and shapefiles I create for specific one-off projects.

When I was being set up, another user set up a map layout which is not adequate for my purposes. I have now located standard layout formats that I want to replace my current one with. Ideally I want to keep the general symbology styling the same, and change the layout to suit an individual project.

Is it possible to either replace/create a new map layout after one has already been started, or copy my data symbology into a new map based on the standard layouts?

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.7 on Windows 10.


I think so.

The way that I would try to do this is by using the Change Layout button on the Layout toolbar.

That button is mentioned in A quick tour of page layouts where it says that you:

Use the Change Layout button Change Layout on the Layout toolbar to change page orientation and element placement of an existing layout.

It is also mentioned in the help about Using map templates.

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