I am not a QGIS expert.

I have to create a kml file to be used as a boundary.

  1. I started using qgis with two different shapefiles that feature
  2. I separated the polygons of the two shapefiles.
  3. I merged the polygons that interested me thus creating two new shapefiles.
  4. I converted the two shapefiles into two new kml files.
  5. Since I did not succeed in merging the two kml files with qgis, I use an online kml merger and it worked.
  6. I reduced the size of the newly merged kml file with qgis simplifying its geometry and then I filled the holes that formed inside the polygon. This kml file is well shown in Google Earth and in qgis.
  7. Since I am finding problems in using this new kml file in the site where it should be used as a boundary, I decided to run the geometry check tool
  8. the geometry check tool showed that the whole kml file has an invalid geometry (it is red in its entirety).

How do I fix this problem?

  • Why did you convert to kml and then merged the data? – Erik May 29 at 9:04
  • Because I did not succeed in correctly merging the two shapefiles with qgis. Maybe it was due to the fact that they have different attributes – dandelion May 29 at 9:09
  • Which tool did you use to merge them? – Erik May 29 at 9:13
  • I merged the kml files with this online merger: kmlmerger.com – dandelion May 29 at 14:21
  • A person suggested me to edit the polygon since there were some points where two nodes were connnected. – dandelion May 29 at 16:15

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