I have one layer with a network of lines and a second layer with its associated line and its distance along that line.

Is there a way to generate points for all these rows along their associated lines?


Tested on QGIS 3.6

You could create a Virtual Layer.

Assume your network of lines layer is called "Lines" and has a column named "Id". And the second layer is called "distances" with a column "LineId" for the associated line Id and a column "Chainage" for the distances along the lines.

Create a Virtual Layer with the query:

SELECT d.LineId,
       Line_Interpolate_Point(l.geometry,d.Chainage) AS geom
FROM distances AS d
JOIN Lines AS l ON d.LineId=l.Id

This will give a new layer of points located along the lines with the attributes "LineId" and "Chainage".

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