I have two geometries:

multi point A

multi polygon B

I want to get all the points of A that overlap with the polygon B

I am not sure how to run this query. I have tried the following query:

SELECT ST_Intersection(A.geom, B.geom)
FROM point AS A, poly AS B

But with little succes. How can I change it so that i get only the points of A that are overlap with B?


You have to add a WHERE clause so with the ST_INTERSECTS clause returns a boolean value if the Geometries/Geography spatially intersect in 2D, while ST_Intersection returns a geometry that represents the point set intersection of the geometries (as per documentation).

so the query needs to be:

SELECT field1, field2, field3
FROM point as A, poly AS B 

for more insight have a look at the documentation of ST_Intersects

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