I have a TIFF containing soil moisture values in each cell and I have a point shapefile with only 50 points of field measurements.

How can I make a scatterplot of these 2 datasets? I know I can convert my raster into Excel files and do the comparison in Excel. Using Arcmap, how can I compare the 50 shapefile points with the underlying cells of the raster?

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You'll want to extract the raster value for each corresponding point. You can use the Extract Values to Points tool. From the documentation:

Extracts the cell values of a raster based on a set of point features and records the values in the attribute table of an output feature class.

If you want to create a scatterplot in ArcMap, you can go to View > Graphs > Create Graph... and select the output from the tool mentioned above as the Layer/Table. More information about creating a Scatterplot in ArcMap can be found here.

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