Currently I have thousands of animal trails and I want to analyse the network to see which waterholes trails lead to or if they are fragmented by roads. I tried exporting the CSV file to gephi another software that analyses networks but it doesnt create a flow chart. So I'm wondering if I could do a flowchart on QGIS or an alternative. Below is a partial of my project enter image description here

And was aiming to get something like this...

enter image description here

  • Could you provide a screenshot of the trail network and an example of what you want to obtain? Even an example from a different context would help. – RafDouglas May 31 '19 at 20:08

I will expand on this if needed, but you can create a sort of heatmap with gdal_rasterize, which can be accessed through the Toolbox (gear icon).

Make sure to use the -burn 1 -add options,si that the command reads like this:

gdal_rasterize -burn 1 -add -tr 50 50 -l lines yourlines.shp hotnodes.tif

Basically a raster is created, and in each pixel is assigned a value equal to the number of times a line crosses it.


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