I have a point layer with several colored dots. Each dot represent a find of a bumblebee species. E.g.

  • red is B.terrestris
  • yellow is B.hypnorum.

In my attribute table I have a column named "nest" (Boolean).

  • When True, a Triangle is drawn
  • When False, a dot is drawn

How can I obtain that the color of the triangle is the same as the species' dot?


You can use rule based symbology or data defined override.

Since your case is not too complex, I suggest rule based symbology because you will have a nice legend then.

Set it up the following:

enter image description here

In case you want to use data defined override you can do it like this for example:

enter image description here

Use as expression:

When "Nest" is true then 'triangle'
When "Nest" is false then 'circle'

*note the missing legend for dots here.

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