I have a new challenge to compress large size of satellite image from 59GB to 10GB as maximum size by Open Source GIS software to publish it to GeoServer.

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When in doubt follow Paul Ramsey's GeoTiff compression for dummies strategy.

gdal_translate \
  -co TILED=YES \
  5255C.tif 5255C_JPEG_YCBCR.tif

and if you need overviews too then add

gdaladdo \
  -r average \
  5255C_JPEG_YCBCR.tif \
  2 4 8 16
  • thank you very much @Ian Turton, i did not use gdal command before, any guideline about that? – GIS Man Jun 4 at 10:37
  • just copy and paste the above, changing the filenames as required – Ian Turton Jun 4 at 10:38
  • thank you very much – GIS Man Jun 4 at 10:46

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