I need to convert a MULTIPOINT string to a list of POINT objects. For example, suppose I have a query with ST_AsText() producing an output that is captured in my_points:

result={str}'MULTIPOINT(-1.0 1.2, 3.4 5.6, 7.8 9.0)'

I need result to be converted to a list of POINT objects so that I can use STRtree() to query if the points intersect a polygon.

I have tried the following:

[x.split(' ') for x in result[11:-1].split(',')]

but it only returns a list of strings:

(['-1.0', '1.2'], ['3.4', '4.5']...)

I need each element in each list to be floats so that I can convert them to Points.

What is the most efficient way to convert the MULTIPOINT string to an actual list of Points?

I am a novice to GIS and Python, not to programming in general.


Assuming my_points is a Multipoint object, you can iterate over each individual point of the multipoint as you can iterate over a list and access each point's geometry. The following line will create a list of tuples, one for each point with their respective x and y coordinates.

individual_points = [(pt.x, pt.y) for pt in my_points]
print(individual_points)  # [(-1.0, 1.2), (3.4, 5.6), (7.8, 9.0)]

For more information see the Collections Shapely documentation

  • The dilemma stems from the fact that my_points is not a MultiPoint object, but a string; however, your response did point me in the right direction to resolve the issue: [Point(x.split(' ')[0], x.split(' ')[1]) for x in result[11:-1].split(',')] – CNIDog Jun 4 at 20:30

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