I have been asked to create a workflow that can create an asset tag for each feature class.

The company who we hold a contract for have set up Web Services that provide the asset ID, called AIMS (Asset Information Management System). They also provide us with a token for production database and a test database, every month.

My BIM Manager has shown me the basics and I'm trying to test it but I'm getting nowhere. I'm a novice with web services.

Unfortunately the project is highly confidential, so I can't show you anything. I'm hoping with this information someone can help me.

The information I have:

  • authkey (token), Service Address, Web Service, Use POST, Current ERROR = Error 500 Poor xml has been formed

Does this mean I need to construct an XML to use the HTTPCaller? Because I though it constructed it for me within the Web Service and created a return using the "AutoDetect from HTTP Headers".

Or do I need to work on the attributes within the the feature class to match the parameters given by our project?

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