I do not seem able to create a square buffer around a point feature with v.buffer in GRASS GIS v.7.4.4.

The documentation states that "Using -s with a point vector map as input data, square buffers are created instead of round buffers." However, below is the command I ran, and the resulting buffer. Am I missing something obvious?

v.buffer -s input=vectmap type=point output=test_buffer distance=1000

enter image description here

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Worked for me. What operating system and which version of GRASS are you using?

micha@TP480$ v.buffer -s ims_stations_s type=point out=ims_buffers dist=1000

square buffers


Just to confirm again, it worked for me as well. Might worth double checking which version of GRASS you are using. I tried with GRASS 7.6.1 in Linux mint and Windows 10 with WGS 84 / UTM projection.

v.buffer -s --overwrite input=Points@PERMANENT output=square_buffer distance=100

Square buffer


The 'problem' was encountered with GRASS 7.4.4 in Windows 10, but the option of making square buffers around points by use of the -s flag was not included until GRASS 7.6, as per the release notes: https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/Grass7/NewFeatures76

The manual cited in the original question thus pertained to a newer version of GRASS than the one I was using, and I was indeed missing something obvious. Everything works fine with GRASS 7.6 in Windows 10.

Thanks for checking and pointing me in the right direction.


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