I'm trying to work with a layer I can only find from an Esri REST service and I need to change the color of the layer, as the default blue it comes in doesn't show up well against an already-established map we're adding it to. When I open layer properties, I don't see the usual symbology tab or any other symbology options on any tabs.

screenshot of layer properties where no tabs have symbology options

The symbology/legend seems to be built into the layer API from what I see at this page on the file details: https://gis.wim.usgs.gov/arcgis/rest/services/AIR_NDGA/AIR_NDGA/MapServer

Is there an option to change symbology on layers like this? Here's the layer of interest that seems to have fixed symbology: https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/bia-indian-lands-dataset-indian-lands-of-the-united-states I have not found any other sources of this dataset other than through Esri REST API links.

One option I've explored to no avail is converting / saving the API-provided layer into a regular shapefile saved locally, figuring I could change the symbology on that.

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