I have extracted the London Shapefile from https://data.gov.uk/dataset/6cdebf5d-c69b-4480-8c9c-53ab8a816b9d/statistical-gis-boundary-files-for-london and uploaded London_Borough_Excluding_MHW.shp in QGIS to draw a grid . I am able to draw a grid using the extent layer of the shapefile uploaded . I get the grid mapped to layer as below enter image description here

How can I go from the first visualisation to the below one , where the grid is fitted into the shapefile below and not lying on top of it

enter image description here

I tried clip but it changes nothing , Any pointers will be helpful as you can find i am a novice user of QGIS . The grid is 100 m * 100m in the 2nd visualisation so its finer than 1st Grid Visualisation

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    It looks like you need the Vector tool> Geoprocessing> Intersection ... – Cyril Jun 6 at 8:16
  • @Cyril Thanks it works , Intersection with the input layer as shape file and grid as the overlapping layer – EricA Jun 6 at 8:22

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