I have strange case when reading the same map in two Firefox instances on the same computer. Seemingly everything is the same but in one view I have feet and in other degrees (lower left corner). The scale is also different. How can I change the units to miles (which produce correct coordinates in WMS - EPSG:3857)

I use World_Topo_Map (MapServer) viewing ArcGIS ESRI maps in webapps via browser. I've tried to force it in some way but can't find any way neither info on the web. How to change it? Maybe with script?


I've found the second browser accidental blocks some script and when I unblock it then both show the same (feet) units. Anyway, I'd like to know how to manage it in more civilized way.

  • it's odd that you have either feet or degrees as units when looking at epsg:3857 as its units are metres – nmtoken Jun 6 at 15:40

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