I would like to extract data table from Google MyMaps and make it usable i.e in Excel. The issue is straightforward at first glance. I know, that I must download the map in .kml and convert it, as per in the links below:

https://www.bpwebs.com/how-to-export-google-my-maps-data-table-to-excel/ or https://www.reddit.com/r/excel/comments/60ur59/how_to_export_data_table_from_google_my_maps_to/

However the issue refers to simple description in general.

What should I do, when for instance I uploaded a photo to every single placemark description?

In this case the problem doesn't look easy, because following this steps I obviously will get the stuff in Excel, but without a decent description content. In the description content I will have something like this:

img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/xauiiSACV7RmWbns6lO_nzEjYHhr5vG6M9b53xysjSkuusVnMMfwVHfw6fFeG8uV9hglAG1UzyXkUS17Ynj9hE2CJxKM1s8T4rDnDEMlbioD4ABe6UUddHdC0_3Wdg3pM6YB" height="200" width="auto" />

Clayton Rd & Peckham High Street CNR

Whereas the most interesting stuff for me is only "Clayton Rd & Peckham High Street CNR".

I was trying to: - delimit the description column in Excel (without reasonable result), - update the description column in MysQL Phpmyadmin likewise bulk link replacement for Wordpress site migration as per link below:

https://blog.templatetoaster.com/update-old-urls-in-database/ https://blog.travelpayouts.com/en/replace-links-bulk-wordpress/

Although a major problem lies in the code I believe. Once I do update, then I am losing everything in the "description" value.

Is there some solution to execute an only, leaving enter image description hereanother part of the description alone?

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