I am working under QGis 3.4.8 Madeira under Windows 10.

I have uploaded two layers on my project.

Layer A is a points layer. Layer B is a polygons layer.

Some points of layer A are located in the area covered by some polygons of the layer B. I want to delete these points.

My final aim is to have a layer with buffer instead of the "free-range" points with the polygons. However, I cannot delete the points overlapping with the polygons.

My question is then: How to delete SOME points of a layer depending on their overlapping with another layer ?

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    You select them with the right query ... and you delete them ... – snaileater Jun 6 '19 at 14:48

A simple solution to this would be to conduct a select by location Vector->Research tools->Select by Location followed by a delete selected features (possible within the attribute table). This would remove the points that fall within the polygon. select by location Stack entry

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    Also within the attribute table you can remove features from the selection. Hold down the ctrl key to unselect a single feature while leaving the other features selected. – csk Jun 6 '19 at 17:19

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