I'm looking for a very simple app / website that allows selecting multiple points on the map to create a polygon that can be exported as a gpx / GeoJSON file.

The idea is to communicate special areas in a neighbourhood where a service can be delivered (on the street)

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    This is probably a better question for softwarerecs.stackexchange.com. We specialize in questions of the "How to do something very specific on my very complicated GIS software?" variety. So we're probably not the best community to help you find a simple, user-friendly app (my GIS software has at least a hundred buttons visible on the screen at one time, not to mention all the thousands of tools and processing algorithms I can access from the menus).
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    Commented Jun 6, 2019 at 20:27

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Contradicting my own comment, here are a few suggestions (not recommendations) I found by some quick searches. I tried the websites but not the apps.


  • GPS Visualizer: website that lets you draw points and lines (but not polygons) on a map and export it as a gpx

  • http://geojson.io/ : website that lets you draw points, lines and polygons and export as geojson.


  • Map Plus: This app lets you draw points, lines, circles and polygons and export them as GPX

  • Scribblemaps: draw points, lines and polygons and export to GPX

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