I use attribute tables to store informations about a object/feature on a layer. I have multiple Layers => multiple attribute tables.

Now I want to have a report about all displayed objects/features (and attributes) with all attribute fields in current view (like layouts and atlas).

In layouts / atlas i can display a legend, but this only get the layersname etc. I do not mean the label of a feature in (map)view.

How can I do this?

My goal is to get a list of all displayed features/objects with her corresponding attributes.


Is there a better place to ask QGIS-questions than here?

  • So you want to display this in map canvas, not print composer right? I am not aware of such a feature, but it would be nice, indeed. I sometimes misuse copyright notice option together with expressions for this. But it is not very performant. – MrXsquared Jun 13 at 17:58
  • No, i want a report. I do not need a map, a list of all features would be enough. – L.W. Jun 13 at 21:23

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