My GeoJSON-File is a Multipolygon which creates several triangles with a X, Y and Z coordinate. Z determines the height of the specified point for X/Y. If i try to render my GeoJSON into a shapefile by Pythan and ogr, I have to tell the CreateLayer-Function a geom_type. I've fond only Point, Line, Polygon and MultiPoint, MultiLine, and MultiPolygon. MoltiPolygon ignores the values of height. Is there any specification to tell the ogr in Python, that I have a MultiPolygonZ source where the height needs to be stored into the shapefile, as well?

My curent line here is:

layer = ds.CreateLayer(concenate, srs, geom_type=ogr.wkbMultiPolygon)

This works, but the resulting shapefile has no values to the height of the points.

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