Currently, I have two attribute tables my vector table and an additional table for vector interaction. I was wondering if I could merge the attribute tables within the software. As I would like to use the 'delete duplicate geometries' as some of the data would be reoccurring and would like to delete them without manually doing that. Is this possible?

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    Yes. Take a look at 'join' function. You need a matching field in both tables. – MrXsquared Jun 9 '19 at 18:35

You can merge them by going to:

Vector > Data management tools > Merge vector layers

you can also join two attribute tables in Layer Properties but as mentioned above you'll need a common field between attribute tables.

 properties > join

To eliminate duplicate geometries you can both dissolve the layer by field:

Vector > Geoprocessing tools > Dissolve

or search for Delete duplicate geometries in the Processing toolbox


Tested on QGIS 2.18 and QGIS 3.4

Alternatively, I can suggest using a "Virtual Layer" through Layer > Add Layer > Add/Edit Virtual Layer...

Let's assume we have six features in 'LayerA' (there are two features with the same geometry, namely "Name 5") and a csv-file ('data') with some values that we are interested in, see image below. Instead of a csv-file can be a usual shapefile as well.


With the following query, it is possible to join "values" from a csv-file.

SELECT DISTINCT a.*, d."value"
FROM "LayerA" AS a
JOIN "data" AS d ON a."Name" = d."Name"

The SELECT DISTINCT statement is used to return only distinct (different) values.

The output Virtual Layer with its Attribute table including new values will look as following



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