I have downloaded the following two tiff files from here:

  • pnv_biome.type_biome00k_c_1km_s0..0cm_2000..2017_v0.1
  • pnv_biome.type_biome00k_sse_1km_s0..0cm_2000..2017_v0.1

Using r.report in QGIS 3.6 I have calculated area. Results are the following:

enter image description here

enter image description here

I could not find the legend. Hence, I do not know which land cover types correspond to numbers. Can anybody help me?


Same place you got the data. Download the [filename].tif.csv associated with [filename].tif

E.g. https://dataverse.harvard.edu/file.xhtml?persistentId=doi:10.7910/DVN/QQHCIK/JUBLYL&version=4.0

"1",1,"tropical evergreen broadleaf forest","tropical evergreen broadleaf forest","tropical forest",28,85,16,255,"tropical.evergreen.broadleaf.forest"
"2",2,"tropical semi-evergreen broadleaf forest","tropical semi-evergreen broadleaf forest","tropical forest",101,146,8,255,"tropical.semi.evergreen.broadleaf.forest"

enter image description here

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