I installed datacube from the official guide https://github.com/ceos-seo/data_cube_ui/tree/master/docs including the example. Everything works. I tried for simplicity to add a new app that calculates the NDVI even though I already knew it was present. The newly added app works on the example provided by the official datacube guide but does not work on the new data set I entered. When I click on submit the following error appears

There was an unhandled exception during the processing of your task".

What does this mean?

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The general meaning of the message

There was an unhandled exception during the processing of your task.

is that one or more Celery workers that perform the task's processing have experienced an error. You can check the error logs at /var/log/celery for more information.

One common issue with new apps experiencing errors is that the Area Id field does not allow the UI to match to the Data Cube product it needs to query. In the Django admin panel (path /admin - like localhost/admin), the Area menu is at Dc_Algorithm -> Areas where -> denotes menu navigation. The product name queried by the UI for a given Area and Satellite is the Satellite Product prefix (see entries in Dc_Algorithm -> Satellites) prepended to the Area Id. If you see an error message in /var/log/celery like

No products match search terms {...}.

and the product name is not the name of a product that should be queried for this Area, then this is likely the cause.

So if your satellite is Landsat 7 and your Area Id is general, then the Data Cube product and platform that will be queried is ls7_ledaps_general and LANDSAT_7, respectively. In the case of Landsat 8, the product and platform that will be queried is ls8_lasrc_general and LANDSAT_8, respectively.

In summary, an Area Id in data_cube_ui must be set based on the Data Cube products that should be queried for that Area, and the products and their platforms must be named based on the Satellite entries. However, an Area Name may be set to whatever you like and will be the name that appears for the Area when in a region selection menu (e.g. custom_mosaic_tool/region_selection).

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