I have some troubles with the sample method from Google Earth Engine. On some images, it returns an empty feature collection (0 element).

Why this is happening and how do I deal with that ?

It's problematic to train a model on an empty dataset...

Here one illustration:

// Example on two images : one working, not the other
var image_ok = ee.Image("COPERNICUS/S2/20150627T102531_20160606T223605_T31RFN");
var image_empty = ee.Image("COPERNICUS/S2/20151228T002843_20151228T085259_T54HYD");
var VisImg = {"opacity":1,"bands":["B4","B3","B2"],"min":293.6805388296989,"max":2220.5270083401124,"gamma":1};

// Sampling
var training_ok = image_ok.sample({numPixels:1000});
var training_empty = image_empty.sample({numPixels:1000});

// Display
print("Ok: ", training_ok);
print("Empty: ", training_empty);

Map.addLayer(image_empty, VisImg, "Image empty");
Map.addLayer(image_ok, VisImg, "Image ok");

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The "empty" image contains QA bands that are completely masked out. You can avoid the empty sample by first selecting the bands that have valid data. For example:

var training_empty = image_empty
    // 'QA10',
    // 'QA20',
    // 'QA60',

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