I have a polyline layer of all the town boundaries in Connecticut. What I want to achieve is a singular polygon for the state of Connecticut based off this layer (for use as a boundary in other projects). I have tried dissolve, buffer, merge, trying to clip a rectangle to the polyline (but polylines do not work for clipping). I always end up with all the outlines of all the towns, rather than just the border of CT, and never as a polygon.

I was able to manually delete all the town boundaries from the polyline, and now just have a polyline of the state. I am stuck. It is driving me mad because I feel like deriving a polygon from a polyline should be a fairly easy thing to do?

It appears there are tools designated for this purpose, Feature to Polygon or something in the Production toolbar, I have access to neither.

Is there a workaround or python script that would achieve the same effect? This project is on a work laptop, I do not have adequate permissions to install ET. If there is truly no other work around I will ask IT if it is possible to install it, but I'm not sure I would have it granted.

I am using 10.6. My access to extensions is limited to the following: ArcScan, Data Interoperability, Publisher, Spatial Analyst.

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