I have a view that basis on the table 'mytable' with these columns:

enter image description here

The view created as

CREATE or REPLACE VIEW viewbox.myview AS
SELECT mytable.h AS height,
FROM mytable;

with columns

enter image description here

When trying to export to shp -> sql

shp2pgsql -s 3857 -I -g geometry /data/relief_poly.shp relief_poly > /data/relief_poly.sql

I get

enter image description here

and in SQL column "height" is float8!

I am not really plugged in to the case why my column datatype changed.

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Due to the answer, qlonglong is integer64 in QGIS, because length is more than 9. So, to get integer type not qlonglong (integer64), the length should be from 1 to 9. I recreated table column with SMALLINT type and rewrote my view -> in SQL column height is integer!

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