Situation: I want to create an offline web app and have locally stored .mbtiles (vector tiles) which I downloaded from Open Map Tiles (educational purpose of the project) with a size of about 20 GB. The data are at my local file system on D:\data.

As resource I want to use Leaflet (preferred) or Mapbox GL JS (backup if not working in Leaflet).


  • Do I need TileServerGL to serve the tiles or can the tiles be stored at the local file system?
  • If both options are available (TileServerGL and local file storage), what option is better regarding performance?

How do I have to prepare the tiles (raster/vector MBTiles) to be used with Leaflet?

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  • You are contradicting yourself Talking about offline and mentioning postgis. Mbtiles are offline sqlite databases. Using web Map on mobile app requires a tile server to give the map a url. There are several leaflet plugins for supporting vector tiles and GL JSON styles. Mapbox GL JS has that natively and rotates where leaflet is fixed North up. Maps@Techmaven.net we build apache cordova apps with open map tiles data – GeospatialInformationTech Jun 11 at 13:26