I am trying to fill my polygons like this person tried: Fill color in polygons using attribute variable in GMT (Generic Mapping Tool) with some hints here: https://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/boards/1/topics/7553 They suggest to:

Try what the man page for psxy -W says: +c Controls how pens and fills are affected if a CPT is specified via -C: Append l to let pen colors follow the CPT setting. Append f to let fill/font colors follow the CPT setting.

I tried but I get the error:

psxy: Pen name c not recognized!

when I try the solution suggested.

Code drawing the borders of the geologic layers with the palette colors:

gmt psxy "$repo/geology.gmt" $reg $proj -aZ=Code -C$colornames
-Zzval  -O -K

Code supposed to fill in those layers with the palette colors, but which gives an error:

gmt psxy "$repo/geology.gmt" $reg $proj  -W+c -aZ=Code -C$colornames -Zzval  -O -K

What do I do wrong?


In the end, it seems I forgot to close the polygons, thus they couldn't be filled!! This worked:

gmt psxy "$repo/geology.gmt" $reg $proj -L -aZ=Code -C$colornames -Zzval -O -K

-W alone uses the default pen but when you want to add modifiers (+c) here, I believe that you have to state also a pen. Try -W1p+c

  • I tried but it didn't work. I got the same message. I had to add -L. – Argent Jun 13 at 9:35

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