Just starting out learning QGIS, on version 3.6.3 Windows 64 bit.

I have imported some data into QGIS. When I click the parcel I would like for the "WIC" field attribute to be a clickable hyperlink, hotlink, or URL. It is a link to a simple text file.

How can I do this? Here a screenshot below :


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Another option: Go to the layer properties>attributes form and change the field widget type to attachment, scroll down the box and tick the "use a hyperlink to the document path".

enter image description here

When you use the identify features tool you will then see a hyperlink e.g.

enter image description here

  • Thanks everyone. I think those solutions will do the job! – Chris Webster Jun 17 at 15:25

Go to properties of the layer with right click and properties

This, show you a properties of the layer, find the option Actions and select the green plus

enter image description here

This will show us a wizard to configure the action, in Type: select Open and in Description write, “Open file” for example. in the Action text put: [%”name_of_the_field_have_the_url”%], like this:

enter image description here

Press ok and ok.

Finally, select this icon

enter image description here

enter image description here

The option open Url and click in your layer to see the field you linked.

enter image description here

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