I have set up a network to run multiple analyses, one of which is a large "Closest Facility" to mimic the route creation of an OD Cost Matrix, but create true route geometry (not capable with OD Cost Matrix). I have rated each of my roads with 1 of 4 levels of stress, and need to be able to individually prohibit certain levels for different analyses. To do so, I created 4 boolean fields in the original shapefile, one for each level, with 1, and 0 as a "true or false" data type. (pic below) I was able to add these attributes as prohibited restrictions in the creation of the dataset. However, regardless of what restrictions I check off in the Closest Facility, the output routes continue to traverse the restricted segments.

I have also checked the "Exclude restricted portions of the network" parameter int he Network Locations properties tab to ensure that Facilities or Incidents are not snapping to restricted segments on the network.

Interestingly, the number of routes created does decrease when I restrict more levels, indicating that it is honoring some of the restricted segments, but not all?

I would also like to use this network for OD Cost Matrices, and there is no what to tell if it is honoring the restrictions or not (without true geometry).

If it turns out to be a Closest Facility issue only, I will just create separate networks I suppose.

enter image description here

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