I need to build a different kind of a navigation route: Instead of the common shortest (time/length) path between A->B or TSP in general, here the task is to create route for a mobile mapping survey. Thus the requirements are:

  1. Traverse every possible maneuver (every road is not enough).

  2. Efficiently - if some maneuver took you to cover future parts, take this into consideration.

If this is a well known topic I would like to get some references - since I made quit a research and found none (incl. libs and tools if exists).

What I did so far is as follows:

  1. Dump first/last points from typical roads layers.

  2. TSP for single junction (OSRM etc.).

  3. Run directions requests (OSRM etc.).

The next step us challenging - how to merge all single junctions into one holistic route?


  1. Determine order of visiting the junctions.
  2. Detect duplicated parts and take advantage for better Efficiency.

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